Robert J. “Bob” Newell, Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, Director

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Bob Newell served in the US Marine Corps on continuous active duty from 1965 through 1986 when he was transferred to the
Fleet Marine Corps Reserve as a Gunnery Sergeant.

Remaining in Fleet Reserve status until 1990 when he was called back from the Fleet in support of Operation Desert Storm
and served five months in a support role.

Employed by the State of Connecticut as a Correctional Food Service Supervisor he has held many offices in the Veterans of
Foreign Wars and the Massachusetts Italian American War Veterans organizations and he has served as a past Post Commander and past State Commander of the Italian American War Veterans of Massachusetts.

Bob is a genuine asset to our organization and wishes to help in any way possible to further the Purposes of the USMC Food Service Association.

He resides with his wife Marsha in Lakewood California and was elected to our Board of Directors at our 2009 Business
Meeting at Quantico, Virginia on August 22, 2009.