Ed Gray’s Album 2

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Sergeant Ed Gray, MACS 1, MAG 11, 1st MAW, Atsugi Japan,

PFC “Lover” Stewart (left) and Sgt. Ed Mechuta inspecting pork

Ed Mechuta, George Hoffman and Ed Gray

Ed Gray

Gunny Winsted, Bakery NCOIC and LCpl Frady with 184th Birthday
Cakes they baked for the Staff NCO and Enlisted Clubs.

Frady couldn’t handle the liberty, boos and broads in Japan. He
arrived at Atsugi asĀ  Buck Sergeant, and left as a PFC.

Sgt. Ed Gray, Atsugi Japan, 1959.

Corporal peter Drummond ( in towel) Ed Gray in foreground and our
dog. Atsugi Japan Food Service Barracks, 1959. Peter is a retired Gunnery
Sergeant and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Trick Puppy. Atsugi Japan,

Mt. Fuji over Camp Fuji, Japan 1964.